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OUTLOUD Multimedia hosted a radio show on 880 AM during the summer of 2012 and a subsequent weekly podcast available online and through iTunes.

Episode 19: Kermit Gosnell Abortion Trial – on the need for affordable, safe abortion
Episode 17: Plan B – FDA recommends that emergency contraception be available over-the-counter for all women
Episode 16: Global Health – Women especially impacted in AIDS crisis
Episode 15: Rape Culture – Republican lawmaker proposes women must carry pregnancies conceived during rape to term

American Foreign Policy Magazine: 
Looking South: Obama and Latin America” – December 2008  

Council on Hemispheric Affairs:
Water in Latin America: The Importance of Gender Relations” – July 2009 (also covered by Equalogy, reprinted by La Vaina Peace Corps Panama volunteer newsletter, and reprinted by Common Dreams)
Nicaragua Under Daniel Ortega’s Second Presidency: Daniel-Style Politics as Usual?” – July 2009 (cited by an MA Thesis at University of Iceland)
Femicides of Juarez: Violence Against Women” – August 2009 (cited in student paper written for WSS 308: Global Perspectives on Women at University at Albany-SUNY, and cited by the International Museum of Women)
Small Arms in Latin America in the Aftermath of the NACLA Study” – August 2009 (cited in the American University Law Review, and archived by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung‘s Program of Regional Security)

The Miami New Times:
Why the Book One Day is Much, Much Better than the Film” – August 2011
Plant the Future: A Different Sort of Gallery” – September 2011
Cuban Writer Cristina Garcia Talks Miami’s Literary Scene, 9/11, and Identity Issues” – September 2011
Artist Karlo Andrei Ibarra on Why He Made Puerto Ricans Sing ‘Star-Spangled Banner’” – September 2011
Wynwood’s Ecoist Tackles Sustainable Fashion” – October 2011
Conor Lovett Performing Samuel Beckett’s First Love at MDC Wolfson” – October 2011
Editor Lynne Barrett on Tigertail Anthology of Flash Fiction” – October 2011
Multimedia Artist Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez Explores the Poetics of Cafes with Ruins” – October 2011
Colson Whitehead Talks Post-Apocalyptic Zombies and Miami Book Fair” – October 2011
Poet Roger Reeves on How Poetry Allows Us to Be Flawed and Beautiful” – October 2011
Miami International Film Festival Launches Florida Focus Kickstarter Campaign” – November 2011
[NAME] Publications Presents Women Artists” – December 2011
Human Trafficking Expert Pens ‘This is Our Story’“ – December 2011
MDC Live! Brings Pig Iron Theater (And Lizard Brains) to Miami” – March 2012

The Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, Editor: The Child Survival Journal
The Nassau Literary Magazine, Prose Staff: Winter 2009
Side B Magazine, Editor-in-Chief: 8 print issues and anthology
Specter Magazine, Senior Editor: Issues One through Seven

FICTION: Nassau Literary Review:
Thin – Spring 2010

The Millions: On Reading Outside Your Culture” – October 2010

Specter Magazine:
Tongue Party” – September 2011
Please Don’t Get Upset and Other Stories” – November 2011
Crush” – December 2011
Working Class Girl Represent and Hot Teen Slut” – January 2012
Shut Up/Look Pretty” – March 2012

Creative Writing with Cynthia Chinelly (Florida International University) – Summer 2012
Voices of Our Nations Arts (VONA) with Mat Johnson (University of Miami) – January 2012
Creative Nonfiction with John McPhee (Princeton University) – Spring 2011
Creative Writing with Colm Toibin (Princeton University) – Spring 2011
Creative Writing with Susanna Moore (Princeton University) – Spring 2010

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